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Billy was a jerk


Huntington, West Virginia, United States

Posted Dec 29, 2018

Pygmy goats are fairly common, probably because they're cute and small. But, in my experience, they're a handful. It's not that they're finicky or picky eaters or anything because they really didn't appear to be. It was his temperament that was atrocious.
We had another goat that we bought along with Billy, another pygmy. Billy ate the other goat's ear within 2 days of us getting them home. And I don't mean he just chewed on it and caused some places, I mean he ate it. So, just to save the other goat from being cannibalized further, we sold it. That was a bit of a pain in the butt because getting trailers together, finding a buyer and all usually takes some time, and we were trying to expedite the process so that no further injuries occurred. We thought that maybe Billy simply didn't like that goat. We were wrong.
We had a male beagle/basset hound who lived outside in our front yard. Now, Billy was supposed to stay in the backyard, but he kept finding ways to get through the fence, or tearing it up to get through. Why? Billy was a rapist. We would wake up early in the morning to a bunch of crazy beagle and goat noises, look outside and that goat was, sure enough, raping our beagle. I'd always heard that goats had a high libido, but I wasn't aware that it extended to other animal species, or that consent didn't matter to them.
And, because Billy kept messing the fence up, there ended up being a ton of goat poop on the front porch. Because he liked the front porch, he guarded it. So, that meant that in order to get in the front door, you had to get past a ticked off goat.
When mom and dad finally sold the thing, I was so relieved, and so was our beagle, I'm sure. I'm not able to tell you if all pygmy goats are, but Billy was a jerk.

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