Rose Hair Tarantula

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Huntington Beach, California, United States

Posted Jun 07, 2018

I have really enjoyed our tarantula, Rosie. She is very easy to care for and has taught us so much about her species. We got her as a gift for my youngest daughter and when she was almost 5 years old I took her to my kindergarten classroom on year as our class "mascot." Rose-hairs are exceptionally gentle. Her habitat consists of a 10 gallon aquarium with a wire mesh lid to prevent escape. Periodically when I am overhauling and cleaning her habitat, she visits family members and or a smaller holder. Take note that when you are holding a tarantula they instinctively emit teeny tiny hairs that will cause some slight skin irritation and a small rash. Over time some people get used to it and it doesn't bother them, my kiddos always wore gloves or long sleeves. I have used bark and sand but in the end, crushed walnuts are my favorite type of bedding. Along with some small hiding spots including cave-like rock formations or hollowed our small wood cylinders purchased in pet stores or online. We feed our tarantula live crickets. For a time when we had many geckos and a bearded dragon we raised our own crickets, but when we gave that up, crickets were easily purchased at the pet supply. In the winter in California, Rosie did really well without an extra heat source, but we did use a peel and stick heat pad under her aquarium periodically if we noticed that her appetite was down or feared the cold environment would cause illness. Basically, little Rosie has been one of the most friendly, interesting and easy to care for pets we have ever had!

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