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Avicularia avicularia


United States

Posted Aug 29, 2014

If you're looking for a great pet species of tarantula, is this one of my highest recommendations, especially for a keeper that can pay attention to detail in terms of what the animal will require for a habitat.

A. avicularia is the common pink toe. Also labeled Guyana Pink Toe or just "pink toe" by many pet stores. They aren't expensive to buy, are fairly readily available, and have great temperaments, so they make for a great pet.

Husbandry tends to be the downfall of many owners, especially newcomers. This species requires higher humidity than most other beginner tarantulas, but they also require very good air flow. I accomplish this by keeping them in larger containers (such as 1 gallon rubbermaid storage jars found at Walmart or similar) with holes punched all the way around the enclosure at varying heights and in the lid to create as much cross ventilation as possible. I also make sure there's a nice, deep water dish in the enclosure that's full at all times. I only mist about once a week, and only enough to give the animal something to drink from off the sides of the enclosure. Keeping them too humid will kill them. Keeping them too dry will kill them. The right balance needs to be obtained. Spiderlings are much more fragile in this regard than adults.

In terms of temperament, these guys can be fast and a little skittish, but are seldom if ever outright defensive. Rather than biting, they actually will shoot excrement in the direction of the perceived threat. Yes, you read that right. They fling poo. ;)

So, to sum up - this is a very pretty spider that's affordable, typically docile and an all around good pet for those that are ok with paying a little bit of extra attention to care and husbandry.

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