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Posted Aug 09, 2015

I have been keeping millipedes as pets for several years now. What surprises me is that people actually buy the same bug that I find when I'm out in my yard. They can and do grow to be quite big. They are so easy to keep. All one really needs to do is to put some dirt into an aquarium. I've got about 3-4 inches of dirt in my millipedes' aquarium. One also needs to be sure that they always have a source of drinking water. I put a small used plastic dish in there that I fill with water for them. The final thing one needs to do is to make sure they have a good supply of dried leaves to eat. I go out in my garden and pick up fallen tree leaves that I purposely leave out there year-round, knowing I will be using them to feed my millipedes. As with all of the other invertebrates, they will burrow and hibernate when the weather gets cool enough, so they tend to slow down in the winter when it gets colder out. However, I always make sure that they have some leaves and water year-round. I enjoy watching them as they crawl around in their house. I also like to let them crawl on my hand and my arms. The only thing one needs to be aware of when handling them is that they will release a brown liquid that stains, and has a strong odor, if one is not careful when one is handling them. This is their only means of defense. It is comprised of leaf tannins. It will stain your fingers for several days, and your nails for a lot longer. They make a very unique pet and I think they are fascinating to watch. I also think the big ones are beautiful insects. If you want to have a pet insect that's very easy to take care of and that is interesting to watch, and to watch grow, too, I recommend the millipede.

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