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Posted Oct 14, 2014

When I was younger, my dad was obsessed with owning exotic pets. He wanted to have a tarantula, so, being a loving daughter, I bought him one. Tarantula upkeep this extremely simple. They require nothing more than an aquarium and some water and some food. Our tarantula ate crickets and mealworms, and it was a little disturbing keeping the mealworms in the refrigerator with our family's food. I only held it a couple of times (my dad never held it), and I always felt extremely nervous. I was never written, nor do I know anyone who has ever BEEN bitten.
One of the most interesting things I got to watch, while owning the tarantula, was watch it molt. How surprised we were in the morning, Coming down and looking in his cage, and seeing a second tarantula in the cage with him! Of course, it was just his exoskeleton, but it was still a little creepy.

Tarantulas make fine pets if you have very little desire to watch them do anything. He stayed hidden the vast majority of the time, and never came when we called him (I didn't expect him to, i'm just joking here). Of course, cleaning his cage, and feeding, are relatively effortless. You just have to be willing to handle the little crickets and worms that he'd eat. My dad wanted it to keep on his desk at work, but ultimately decided that someone would eventually play a prank on him and let it out to roam. That was something that my dad really didn't think he could handle well. So the spider stayed home, and every now and then I try to hold it, but after thinking about it's fangs, I would decide better of that decision was to just leave him be.
As far as having a tarantula as a pet, I would certainly rate them as easy to care for, but if you want an animal to hold, or really respond to you, there are definitely better options out there. The best part of owning the tarantula, was the fact that he was so intriguing.

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