Mexican Flame Knee Tarantula

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Brachypelma auratum (Mexican flame knee)


Cheshire, United Kingdom

Posted Dec 09, 2012

This is a fantastic alternative to the B. smithi (Mex red knee). With its stunning fiery orange/red markings on the patella of each leg and the bands of white on their joints makes this T an awsome looking spider, to be added to everyones collection. This is a docile T making it a good beginners spider, but they can also be skittish and will readily flick their urticulating hairs(typical brachypelma). They do calm down abit more as they get bigger. These are hardy and easy to care for, Temp being 75-80F and humidity 65-70%, same as the B. smithi.These have a medium growth rate, reaching 1.5inchs in the first year, with constant feeding and keeping the temp in the low 80f' they can attain a leg lenght of 3 inchs in 3years. As adults these tarantulas get to around 6inchs and are a heavy bodied tarantula. If handling this species, keep it low to the floor so she has no way of falling off your hands and landing on the floor. Just a little fall afew inchs off the floor can cause the abdomen to rupture which will be fatal for the T. This species is an opportunistic burrower, when housing use 3inchs of substrate, and a piece of cork or half a plant pot as a hide, also include a shallow water dish and mist for humidity. When they reach around 3inchs they tend to stay out of their burrow making them a great display spider. No hobbyist should be without one of these in their collection.

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