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The Creepy Beginner


United States

Posted Aug 08, 2014

The Megarian Banded Centipede is not your average household pet. It's not cute and cuddly like a kitten or a dog, but it sure is an interesting and active pet! When I first got mine, I was skeptical. Babies eat small insects, while full grown adults can eat crickets, larger insects, and even small lizards! Also, all adults require a hot tank of 2.5 to 5 gallons with tall walls on each side. At first, I thought that was so they would have tons of climbing room, but my friend quickly let me know that although that is true, it is mainly so they won't escape their enclosure! Despite all of this, though, I was very happy and satisfied with my mature male centipede, Henry (who was named by my niece after a cartoon character she liked). Henry's constant shenanigans kept me interested every other day! He loved to climb the walls of the cage (which freaked me out a little), so I purchased a few plastic trees, some rocks, and cork bark and threw it in with him. These are definitely must have items, as he enjoyed them more often after that than he did the side of the cage. Potting soil is definitely a necessity, as well, since these breeds love to burrow. I will admit, feeding the little guy proved to be difficult some days, but you could say I got lucky because my next door neighbor had a five-year-old son who loved to collect bugs to feed him. I could never take Henry out of the cage, no matter how much my neighbor's son pleaded because of his venomous bite, a trait I will warn you about. It will not kill you, but it will cause slight pain in the limb that was bitten, and give the bitten small red rashes, but this pet is still great for beginner's, and keeps you interested. I say he's worth it!

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