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My accidental rhinoceros beetled


00000, Taiwan

Posted Jan 01, 2014

I owned an rhinoceros beetle in accident - my professor of General Entomology once gave me the adult beetle and said that he got it somewhere else, and asked me to take care of him (it's easy to distinguish - male has one longer one shorter horn and female has both short horn).
Rhinoceros beetle is easy to take care. What you need is a transparent plastic box or animal aquarium (for observation), decaying branches (you can pick at country side or buy a pack at pet shop) inside the box to let the beetle hides if it wants; a case or a wood piece with a hole to place its food; and food - at the beginning I bought watermelon and it liked the fresh fruit so much, but I had no fridge that moment to store the fruit, so later while I bought the "jelly" - it's like a one-bite size jelly with sugar and "protein" (as the package describe). I personally tasted once and it tasted like common jelly. Extra water is unnecessary (and don't do it!) as it can absorb water from jelly and fruit. If the box is too dry, just spray some water as they like humid environment. Don't forget that ONE BOX ONE BEETLE, otherwise they will fight all the time! If you keep it right, there should be mainly soil and decaying branches smell.
Both stag beetle are rhinoceros beetle are easy to take care, but rhinoceros beetle is less dangerous. Still be careful when you touch it because the horn is quite sharp. Adult stage of the rhinoceros beetle is not long life, they may die within a season for adult stage.

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