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House crickets


00280, Finland

Posted Aug 08, 2015

I was a kid when I frequented a pet store after school before going home.
I didn't go there alone as luckily I had a good friend/classmate (who became a veterinarian later on) who was also fascinated by all types of creatures.

We went there many, many times and asked the pet store owner lots of questions about the different animals. In retrospect... She probably wanted us to just buy something already. We didn't as we were just curious animal-loving kids.
Until one day we realised there were house crickets we could buy! Awesome.

What I did not exactly want to hear while making the purchase was that they were mostly sold for other pets' owners and their destiny was to become food for their pets.
I just had to cut her off fast and asked more questions about house cricket care.

Me and my friend were both given weekly/monthly allowances from our parents and most of it was of course spent on candy. But here we made a better decision. Okay, I knew my mom would not be enthusiastic about this purchase but on the other hand I knew that I was going to buy them anyway. We then made the decision, bought dozens of the cuties and went to my friend's place.

We had to get counting them and well... They started to enjoy their freedom pretty fast so it was a house cricket game of sorts as we had to look for them under sofas, in beds and other hiding places in that big apartment. We also had to make sure both of us got the same amount of crickets and had to make sure the ratio of females to males was about 1:1.

After I finally got home I got their home as comfy, cozy and clean for them as possible. I lovingly named them at first but I couldn't really distinguish them from each other at all. I had a closet in my room where I hid them until my mom got home and I could calm down a bit and tell her in an assuring tone of voice that they were perfectly cool HOUSE crickets and not evil. She let me keep them :)

They sang their songs, jumped around in my room and were easy to keep, it was actually a lot of fun to watch them hang around! I didn't handle them much, only when they sometimes jumped or crawled on my hand when I was doing my homework.
It was a great time. House crickets are good to have as a kid. Fun to watch, very easy to take care of, not dangerous or annoying in any way (unless you mind the chirping) and yes, their lifespan is not very long.
The last two house crickets I still had left I set free in the garden and sang to them a little goodbye song. I was eight :)

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