Mico (Glimmering)

Mico (Glimmering)

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Posted Nov 23, 2009

I bought my gbb as a spiderling 2nd instar from a breeder down in Arizona..She is my 2nd tarantula i bought after my avic died ..I personally think they are one of the easiest besides OBT's and L. parahybana to take care of.  They dont require high humidity (mine hates humid)unless they are molting and they do fine in ambient temps above 73+ or room temps as long as it doesn't go below 68.

Pros: Very beautiful color changes as they grow up .. they start as spiderlings with gold and black tiger striped abdomen. When maturing they get cyan color legs and red abdomens. They web alot , they are also arboreal / terrestrial, though spiderlings will readily burrow.  They have huge apetites in proper enviorments unless they are males which tend to not eat much due to wanting to mate.

Cons: Sometimes when they get older they can get defensive and they do have some nasty urticating hairs(i have been haired once by her). All in all they are just doing what any animal does when it comes to THEIR Territory and are just Defending it.. if you give it the right respect you would be just fine.  They can be a little costly due to sometimes having problems breeding, the female loves eating males.  If you get them out of their home you can pick them up as long as you hold them close to the ground as if they fall it would rupture their abdomen. I only reccomend adults and people with experience doing this.

All in all i think it is a tarantula that deserves to be in anyone collection

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