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Cave Roach care


Indiana, United States

Posted Jan 10, 2013

This cockroach is the largest species in it's genus, and is one of the largest species of cockroaches known to man! The Giant Cave Cockroach is closely related to the cockroaches living in the Carboniferous coal forests 200 million years ago, And is not considered to be a "pest" species.

Range:Tropical areas of Panama, West Indies and northern South America.

Housing: A All Glass Terrarium is a MUST HAVE for this Arboreal species of cockroach, an Exo Terra or Zoo Med Terrarium is without a doubt The Best housing for them. Height is more important than floor space as They seem to enjoy climbing and chasing eachother around.

Temperature: 70 to 90° F

Humidity: 75 to 90%

Heating And Lighting: The best way to heat and alluminate your terrarium is to use a Zoo Med or Exo Terra Infrared basking spot light. This type bulb will direct the heat in a more concentrated area, allowing you to create localized basking zones vital to the well-being of many animals.

Substrate: 3 to 5 inches of eco earth and sphagnum moss to help keep the Humidity.

Hiding And climbing: Branches and cork bark make excellant hiding and climbing
areas. You can Stack multiple piecse of cork bark to make a realistic cave-like environment for them, thay simply love to climb hide and rest under and on top of cork bark.

All in one Diet: I feed mine "Nature Zone Gecko Bites" A soft, moist food. This ready to eat complete diet is high in protein, calcium, and essential nutrients. It has the aroma and flavor of Passion Fruit which Day Geckos and "others Like Cave roaches" find irresistible. This is arguably the best food for All pet roaches It will not mold and is extremely moist eliminating the need for a water bowl!

Diet:Babies and adults eat romaine lettuce, bananas, apples, carrots, and other fruits and vegetables. Also it's important to feed them protien like pre-killed mice or lean cuts of meet. (If using the complete diet shown above you will not need to feed them fruits, vegetables or meet, It's All in the food :D )

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