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Eastern Lubber Grasshopper


2090, South Africa

Posted Apr 14, 2013

Note: This is a Review for a Grasshopper; For lack of a category to place under!
Grasshoppers have always been pretty cool in my eyes from an early age, what with chinese flicks making reference to them and all.
So I didn't find it particularly strange when I decided to have one as a pet for some time, there's always been that air of catch-and-release in childhood but I was now determined to have one and see it through.
The Lubber is a delight to have, a little freaky to the faint hearted, but an all round great creature!
Had it in a glass jar which I lay on it's side so it can have room to move and hop around :) with a surf for a lid of course! I tried as best as I can to recreate its natural habitat so it wouldn't feel like a weirdo - filled the bottom of the jar with sand and put twigs and small branches/sticks all around.
They're not so hard to take care of because of their basic needs, I fed it leaves - plants - and grass, and for water I started out with a bottle cap but it was proving to be tedious every time I would move the jar for the grasshopper to get some sun it would spill so I ended up getting a cotton ball which I soaked every now and then.
They can pretty much live up to several months (6 - 10 months or so) so they'll provide you with supple companionship in tight spaces where "pets aren't allowed" :)

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