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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Posted Sep 11, 2011

I purchased 6 mixed juvenile Domino roaches about 5 months ago.

As the other reviewer mentioned, these do spend a lot of time in the substrate. The reason I rate these so highly is because they are simply BEAUTIFUL... (well, by roach standards, LOL) Therea are beetle mimics, and they take that 'job' seriously. Most people would probably think these are beetles, not roaches, unless you told them.
Domino roaches, as most tropical roaches, are docile. I should point out though, that my adult is VERY skittish. These roaches can be quite a challenge to handle. Adults can, and will jump short distances. As Dominos have much lighter bodies, than say hissing roaches, they can 'take a flying leap' and jump off (or on to) a person. Adults are quite fast. Just like hissers, domino roaches are quite accomplished escape artists, my adult was methodically 'probing' the vaseline barrier, looking for a way out.
I just have to say, I really LOVE these little guys. Immature domino roaches look outright prehistoric, and the adults are amazing looking! I should point out, that like other tropical roaches, Domino's will calm down over time. Last night, I checked on my 'colony'. My adult (prob. male) jogged away from my hand, as usual...he was covered in leaf litter, again, as usual.... I kept my hand in the tank.. and the domino walked over to my hand, and used my fingers to clean the sub. off of his back! It was so cute!
Care is simple: I have a Sterilite tub with airholes cut in the top, a combination of home-made and purchased leaf litter, and I offer finely chopped veggies and oats in little plastic cups. Some keepers of this species will allow the substrate to dry out slightly between misting. The leaf litter should NEVER be allowed to dry totally, however. I keep my roaches at 84 F, up to 86-88 F if I wish to encourage breeding.

All in all, a great, easy to care for insect pet!

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