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Richmond, Virginia, United States

Posted Jan 16, 2012

This species could best be described as 'bullet proof', and thrives on virtual neglect. I would go so far as to say that folks who have issues with it, are probably fussing over it too much. Overfeeding and watering can be problematic.

This scorpion is A-OK at room temperature, in a nice sandy enclosure with hiding spaces. Give it some water to drink in a shallow dish, once a week, and throw in some crickets once or twice a month. Any more than that, and you will see your scorpion developing an unattractive, bulging, rounded body, which isn't what this animal should really look like.

This scorpion does move around and explore at night, so with a blue light, you may be able to observe it when it is active. It has a fairly aggressive temperament, and thus no attempt should be made to handle this animal. The sting is quite painful, and the venom of this species also may be highly allergenic, which means you want to avoid being stung, as you may develop an allergy to the sting, if it happens. As a result, I couldn't give this species a high rating in general as a pet, but it is an interesting and easy scorpion to keep.

Get an adult. These scorpions DO have serious problems molting in captivity, so reproducing them in captivity is also extremely difficult. If you do have one that is a juvenile, place it into a container with very deep substrate that is moister near the bottom. The scorpion will dig down to the correct level of moisture for it, to molt. You may need to provide several feet of substrate.

These scorpions are susceptible to ill effects from stress, so keep disturbances to a minimum. We unfortunately lost ours when its foot got caught in a resin alligator skull used as a hide and decoration - be extremely cautious of anthing with narrow corners that might catch a foot or a leg. The stress of being trapped proved too much for the scorpion.

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