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A Guide to your friendly neighborhood Aphonopelma chalcodes


United States

Posted May 09, 2014

As a youth I was fearful of spiders almost in a phobia worthy manner.
In typical fashion when I fear something I am used to facing that fear so when I saw this beautiful lady for sale by a pet store breeder I scraped together my allowance and made the purchase post haste.

I will admit it took me over a week to gather the necessary courage to hold Shelob for the first time and I might have ran away and hid after the first few attempts. But low and behold the world did not end, I was not gravely wounded and slowly my confidence did rise. Within a month we were the best of pals and I had soundly overcome my childhood fear of all spider kind.

On the plus side this variety of spider is magnificent. I soaked a sponge once a week and put it in her habitat. Once every two weeks I would purchase some variety of insect and watch her feast. This was very enjoyable in my youth as you can imagine my own version of animal kingdom. Another huge plus was always having something interesting to show my friends and girls. I found Shelob grew on most people very quickly as she was not prone to quick movements and she actually enjoyed being stroked. She was literally never sick in the 20 years I had her until her passing. I loved her so much I purchased a second soon afterwards and named her Charlotte.

On the negative side this breed of spider will occasionally fling some hairs at people it is not used to. This was rare however and is literally the only negative I ever encountered with this breed.

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