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The EarthWorm..


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Posted Feb 04, 2015

One of the most important and versatile invertebrates in existance in my opinion in regards to fishing and gardening (and is good for a little extra cash from time to time I might add).

There's not much care that goes into these other than making sure their bed stays moist and has a constant supply of organic composting material.

What? You have no dirt!?

These guys will make the best dirt you will ever need for your plants - right from the little factory within themselves. A really fun project or experiment is to toss a bunch of these in a bucket or similar container with nothing but leaves and other debris and watch as they do their magic. I call it fun, maybe I am easily amused by them but in any case, no dirt is necessary and the product they produce will be much appreciated by your plants. Any organic material they process comes out as super rich soil and therefore a pile of lettuce leaves after a time, will be transformed into fantastic, black soil ready for use with no extra added chemicals required (for most plants). There are always exceptions.

Ok, so you do have dirt. Poor soil is also required to be airated and the earthworm has another use up it's sleave - if it had a sleave that is. Its burrowing habits bring welcomed fresh air into the soil allowing plants to breath and spread root easier which in turn helps them grow much faster than they would if the earthworm didn't exist. But while they burrow, they drop their recycled poor soil in their wake increasing the soil's value as they go.

Cool huh?

Fishing! Oh yeah! Now we're talking. Catfish, Bass, Crappie, Perch and Brim.. I could go on and on here, love earthworms of all shapes, sizes and color and in some cases, a fishing trip can totally be ruined if it weren't for having the earthworm on hand at all times. As for the extra cash - some sporting goods establishments are only too happy to recieve fresh earthworms into their stock, especially when some of them like to support a local farmer. Many actually prefer a local-raised stock as oppposed to recieving them in the mail or off a truck from hundreds of miles away.

Earthworms are a must have in my opinion for so many reasons I can't even begin to list them all here!

-photo is a stock photo from the Wiki Commons

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