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Experience with Earth Worms


United Kingdom

Posted Apr 01, 2015

I know what you are all thinking, "earth worms can't be kept as pets"! You are very, very wrong! Earth worms make great pets, especially when you go out, capture them yourself and make them your own environment to live in. Great fun!

The first positive with earth worms is that at any point in their lives, you can just set them free in the garden so they are very easy to keep for any amount of time. This is what I ended up doing with mine around a year after attaining them. The thought that you can let them go whenever you feel like it is a great incentive to get involved with looking after earth worms as pets.

Secondly, due to how common they are, you'll never have to pay for them with a little work of your own. If you do what I did and wait for a wet day to search for them in the soil bed then you are guaranteed to find a good enough amount to look after. Again, the fact that they cost nothing to get started looking after them is a great incentive to actually go and get started with looking after earth worms.

Thirdly, they lead a simple life with a simple diet. You can pretty much throw any organic left overs into their home and they'll eat it, turning it into soil. This means that you are not only feeding them but maintaining their environment at the same time. This makes them very, very simple to take care as it requires little to no effort to keep them alive.

Finally, they create trails within their environment so if you have a transparent home for them, you'll be able to see the network of tunnels that they have dug and it is very intriguing to look at, believe me! Much like ants, you will actually be able to see the development of the home of the earth worms. This makes them great pets for kids, and adults too if you're interested.

This is where I would go onto the negatives of keeping worms...if there were any! Worms are so simple to keep and attain that I can't think of any negatives. Apart from the odd grain of mud you might get in the house when creating their environment. But overall, a fantastic pet to take care of, often overlooked!

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