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Roanoke, Virginia, United States

Posted Jun 11, 2015

My roommate worked at a pet store, so, naturally, people would bring her all sorts of unwanted animals and just assume she’d take them. When a guy brought in a big millipede, it terrified my roommate, but she knew I would eagerly adopt him. I rushed to the store, scolded the guy for taking on an animal and then abandoning it, and took the big guy home. I, fortunately, had an unused 30 gallon tank lying around. I would have gladly given the guy my room, but due to environment needs, that would have been worse for him. He did well with the amount of space I gave him, though, not very active so he could have done with 20 gallons less. Still, I have always been a sucker for giving everyone huge tanks. He loved burrowing, and I found he preferred 5 or so inches of peat moss with a bit of organic soil thrown in. I put in a good layer of dead leaves and he was happy as can be. Due to him being tropical, I tried a range of temperatures and heating techniques. He seemed to fair best at around 80 degrees, with a heat pad attached to the side of the tank (it dried out the bedding when I put it on the bottom). He needed a high humidity, which was easy enough to do by misting a few times a day (for me, before school, right after school, around dinner time, and right before bed). While easy enough to feed, his preference was peaches, I suppose because they are soft. I learned after a few months, too, that he required a good dose of calcium. This was applied by dusting the bedding lightly with a supplement. Just remember that these guys will be with you, probably, for 7 to 10 years, so do some research. Temperament wise, this guys are so sweet and docile. Once they learn to trust you, they love being handled. If you startle them, though, wash your hands as they do secrete a mild irritant. Normally, once they get used to you, they won’t even try to ‘poison’ you.

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