Thoroughbred x American Paint Horse Cross

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She just keeps growing!



Posted Aug 02, 2017

Penny is 6 years old and is still growing!

She is 16.2hh and weighs close to 1200lbs.

Her sire was a Paint and her dam was a Thoroughbred.

I would classify her as a bit of a hard keeper. She needs more grain than the other horses and has free choice hay but she still needs some help with extra calories sometimes especially if she is being ridden.

She is also a bit hot and a worrier. She does better in a herd environment, and is lower in the heirarchy. She also prefers to be outside 24/7.When she is in a stall overnight she can stress and act out.

She is also prone to ulcers.

She is a beautiful mover and has been extremely easy to train under saddle. She needs to work to stay focused otherwise she tends to speed up and get spooky.

She has a quiet temperament and is very maternal towards smaller animals and small children. You can often find her grooming the cats and she absolutely loves our goats.

I'm hoping that this is the last year for her growth spurts and her appetite will slow down and even out. She even eats more than our race horses who are training, and all she does is stand around looking cute.

She is a very smart horse who keeps herself out of trouble. She grows a nice thick coat for the winter and tolerates the cold quite well.

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