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De Leon Springs, Florida, United States

Posted Feb 14, 2019

My boyfriend and I really wanted to train and race Standardbred racing horses, but we were pretty in experienced about it.
We decided to purchase a few racing horses, but things were going slowly and we really wanted to be racing, not just training our young horses. Some friends offered to let us lease on of their 3 year old fillies who was close to racing since they had a large stable and did not have time for her.
We agreed and finished her training to race. Amazingly enough, we won the first race we raced her in. My boyfriend was so excited and we could not believe it - and neither could anyone else at the barn.
We proceeded to lose the next 10 or so races. We were really discouraged. I begged a top rated driver to take a chance on us small time trainers and drive Buffy. He agreed. He won! We were on top of the world again, quickly forgetting the last 10 or so losses.
When I took the horse from him, I started to sit on the seat of the race bike, but fell to the ground. He chuckled. I promised to fall again if he agreed to drive her again.
He did, she did, and our winning career began to take off! It is the greatest thing to be first on race day!

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