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I knew he was broken, but fantastic personality


United States

Posted Feb 05, 2019

I adopted a mess of a standardbred I had found off an add on Craigslist. He was bought at auction by people with good hearts but had no idea what to do with him past that. I bought him for $50 plus gas for trailering. My vet and I decided he was depressed, skinny, with a club foot but he was (shockingly) clear of parasites and could still move around. We figured we'd give him a week of slow food increase and get the farrier out to see about the clubfoot and see how he responded.

The farrier started slowly correcting the trim. He devoured his food. He slowly turned into the young colt he was. He was fantastic to handle around the barn; the first to greet you when you walked in. He always had his ears perked and snuggles at the ready. Anything I did with him was met with curiosity and he was fast to pick it up.

Unfortunately, he had lingering lameness issues that went past the club foot. When I took him to the clinic for gelding (he was cryptorchid), we ran x-rays and found out he had a shattered stifle. He had probably gotten the injury before he even went up for auction (we had reason to believe he was an Amish colt). There was no surgical option for repair. He was in pain (though he hid it well) but it was a matter of time before something happened where he'd go down. We made the difficult decision to euthanize so he didn't have to live with that.

He was a medically expensive horse but his personality and trainability were amazing. I would not hesitate to get another standardbred.

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