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Posted Aug 02, 2017

Rambler is a retired harness racing Standardbred who turned 15 this year.
He is 16hh and weighs about 1200 lbs.

He is an easy keeper who does well on 2 quarts of grain a day and free choice hay.

When an injury to his hind leg forced him into early retirement we took him in as our very first horse on the farm. His injury healed well enough for some light riding and he was quick to accept a saddle and rider as easily as he worked with a cart and driver on the track.

He likes to have a job, and we quickly learned that he flourished in his new role as a babysitter to the new and young horses who arrived on our farm. He has a patient personality and absolutely adores small children.

He is a wise horse and can be counted on to give emotional support to people and animals.

He, like our other Standardbreds is very social. He likes to belong to a herd and can show signs of depression if kept by himself. During the warmer months he stays outside 24/7 and in the cold winter he usually comes into the barn overnight. He tolerates winter well (we are in Atlantic Canada) and grows a great winter coat with no need for a blanket.

He no longer wears shoes and his hooves are tough and in great shape. He's the perfect boy for the farrier and the vet during all routine visits.

Race horses off the track make amazing partners. They are usually bombproof, eager to please and love to have a job. They are so used to tractors, busyness, noise, gear, and excitement that it's hard to find anything that spooks them.

I love all of my off-the-track horses.

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