Rocky Mountain Horse

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Plantersville, Texas, United States

Posted Jan 11, 2019

When I was about 15, we moved our horses to a new boarding facility. This new facility was a small, hobby farm secluded in the woods with only one other boarder at the time. Little did we know, this place would turn out to be like a home away from home and that we would stay here for eight years.

The only other boarder at the time was a sweet older lady with three very interesting horses. These horses were known as the Rocky Mountain horse and had an awesome, special gait built for going long distances comfortably and quickly while saving energy. Their owner could not keep them all exercised herself and asked us if we would like to start riding them with her. We were thrilled to have the chance. She even allowed us the use of them when we wanted to bring a friend out riding on the trails. So, for the next eight years, we were able to enjoy them like our own and helped keep them fit. This breeds unique gait is super comfortable to sit for long periods of time. It is nice and smooth and can cover ground quickly. They are very level-headed and hardly ever spooked. We went across bridges, on roads, through the creek, up and down super steep hills and banks, over fallen trees, and through thick brush without these horses ever skipping a beat, even with inexperienced or children riders. They were always ready to greet you to see what you were doing or to go out for a ride and could ride for hours whether it was cold or hot. They were hardly ever sick, easy to feed, and never gave us trouble when we needed to catch them. On top of all this, two of them were an eye-catching silver dapple that always got passers by talking. An all-around terrific horse! I would definitely own one myself and recommend them for just about anyone!

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