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Plantersville, Texas, United States

Posted Jan 11, 2019

I loved miniature horses for a long time before we ever bought one, but I could never convince my dad that it would be reasonable to own one since we boarded our horses and we couldn't actually ride him. I did spike his interest with the idea of driving one, however it wasn't until we went to visit family up north and he saw an old friend, did he change his mind. His old friend actually had miniature horses of his own and him and my dad spoke for a long time about them. This conversation pushed him forward and he was now very interested in having one.

After we got back home, we began researching and preparing, my dad was now ready to go through with getting one. He had previously wanted to enjoy horses with us, but his health issues prevented him from riding. He saw this as a great compromise as he could drive the mini without compromising himself too much.

In the fall of 2007, I came across the cutest little face on a local breeder's sales page. It was of a little black and white Tobiano pinto weanling colt with a blue eye and a face marking that looked like a lower-case "i." We were sold. We set up a day to go out and meet him and went on a 2-hour road trip to see him. Upon arrival, they were giving all their babies a hoof trim and just happened to be finishing up on him when we pulled in. She offered for us to take a look at some of her other babies before making our decision, but we were set on him. We loaded him up in the back of our mini-van and took him home that day.

Over the next few years he would become the class-clown of the barn. He knew exactly how to get people to give him treats, him and the barn dog (English Mastiff) became best friends and would wrestle with each other, and he'd play with his Jolly Ball for hours. At one-point there was construction next door and the workers would sit and watch him play on their lunch break, even shouting "GOAL" when he'd hit the end of his paddock. He was an absolute Riot! He took up learning how to accept a harness and ground drive very easy as well as a trick or two, he was never sick, easy to groom, easy to feed, and all-around basically your best friend. He was never gelded, but you would never know it unless you looked, he was that awesome! We unfortunately lost him though as a 7-year-old in 2014 when he was running through the pasture, slipped, and fell. Still heartbroken about it. I would definitely recommend a mini to everyone. Even if all you ever do is feed and play with one, everyone deserves a mini in their life even if just for the sheer joy they bring.

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