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Posted Aug 02, 2017

Shortbread was born in August 2016.

The vet expected him to weigh about 20lbs and he was almost 38lbs instead!

He is the 4th miniature horse on our farm and he's probably got the biggest personality!

He's been extremely easy to work with, everything from haltering and leading to trimming his feet, he's handled everything like an old dog.

He definitely has a lot of energy and does best with at least 12 hours of turnout a day.

He has free choice hay, and contrary to what most minis will lead you to believe, he DOES actually stop eating occassionally during the day and he doesn't starve. Minis are always hungry.

On top of his hay he gets 3/4 cup of foal ration twice a day. He probably doesn't need it for weight but ensures that he gets any nutrients that may be lacking in his hay.

Founder is a definite concern for Minis, so their grazing is kept to a minimum and their feed is monitored. We keep our minis in a pen with very little grass but they do get taken into grass pastures for timed grazing.

Their hooves grow twice as fast as the full sized horses, and its important to trim them regularly. Expect to pay the same amount for hoof care as you do for a larger horse. The only thing smaller with a mini istheir feed bill. Vet visits , vaccinations, and incedentals all cost as much as a full sized horse.

The minis make great companions for kids as long as they have a good temperament. They are far less intimidating for people who may be nervous around larger animals .

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