Gypsy Vanner

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Gender: Male



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Plantersville, Texas, United States

Posted Jan 06, 2019

A few years ago I worked very part-time watching people pets, livestock, and homes while they were away. A specific home had nothing but Gypsy Vanners on a gorgeous piece of property. I was ecstatic to be able to watch these beauties and meet them in person. Upon arrival, they were all very friendly and wanted to meet me. They even left their round bales just to say hi and see if I had any cookies in my pockets. It was an absolute joy even just to sit outside and watch them. I then went and met the stallion, and it was amazing! He was actually a stallion I had fallen in love with before he was sold from his breeder! I was in Shock! He was an absolute dream too! Super friendly, had perfect manners, and handled like a dream! Each horse knew exactly what was expected of them and, even though I was new, didn't even try to test me. They were easy to catch, super easy to lead, and the one that had lots of medical issues, stood super quietly while I would wrap her hoof or give her her red light treatment. Plus side, I was surprisingly not as allergic to them as most other horses and could touch them and play with them as much as I needed to. On another note, they do take a lot of work with grooming to keep them looking nice. Hair requires braiding daily to prevent tangles and breakage and their feathers (hair on their legs) require brushing and inspection daily to keep an eye out for fungus, burs, and other irritating issues that will cause the hair to come off or discomfort to the horse. All horses require regular vet checks and farrier work, and the Gypsy is no different. My entire experience with them was amazing though, and if you can afford one (they are pretty expensive in the United States), I highly recommend them! Super sweet and Gentle "giants." Not very tall, but definitely stout and hardy with some very large hooves.

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