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Old American Saddlebred: Great little girl horse


United States

Posted Jun 01, 2015

Pros: super smooth gate, easy to ride, excellent temper, wonderful horse for my sisters and I to learn on

Cons: This breed is pretty tall for kids, but no real complaints. She was quite old when we owned her, but she was perfect for us. See below for longer explanation.

We bought Baby, a white American Saddlebred, for $200 from an ad in our small town paper. She was probably about 15 yo when we got her and she was extremely skinny. Not fed well by the previous owners. Basically, we ended up with a fixer-upper horse. But my mother wanted to buy a pleasure riding horse for her four daughters to play around on, and Baby fit the bill really well. Baby was really easy to ride, and put up with her amateur owners quite well. She was always even tempered around us and easy to lead around. We sold her when I and my next sister started high school--too many things to do at school to continue paying board for her. By that time she was much healthier and another horsewoman bought her for use as a brood mare. I think our time together did all of us good.

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