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Plantersville, Texas, United States

Posted Jan 06, 2019

In 2014, I went to do an internship at a barn that was about an hour from where I lived. This barn bred high quality Quarter Horses that were trained for Reining and to do lessons. The facility was set up where she took in interns all the time to learn the ropes. She taught us how to properly manage a barn with thirty or more horses, how to go about teaching lessons to young kids, how to properly match a horse with a rider, and we even got lessons ourselves in reining riding.

The horse I rode regularly, and I rode a few different ones, was one of the go-to horses for beginning interns. He was a spooky boy sometimes, but most of the time he was pretty level-headed and did what he was told. He was easy to catch, very easy to lead, and absolutely loved his job! This horse got to try trail obstacles for the first time with me and we found out he absolutely loved to do it! He just loved to learn and do new things! I went to my first horse show on this horse and he was pretty anxious the whole time as it was also his first time. He paced, whinnied for his friends, and just generally would not calm down while in the stall. We got worried he wouldn't perform well, but I still believed he could do it. When I finally got him out of the stall and began to tack up, he actually started to calm down. He knew his job so well, he ignored the fact he was in a foreign place. We ended up doing three classes that day and getting ribbons in all of them. Even got a first place ribbon in the Trail Class! I was so proud of myself, and most especially, him! I was never really keen on geldings, but this boy really stole my heart and I think about him often. I find that most of the Quarter horses there had great attitudes, were easy to work with, and hardly had any vices. I believe they could do just about anything they set their mind to. I would definitely recommend them for anyone!

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