Cold Therapy: Ice Packs

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Cold Therapy: Ice Packs | Dog Owner Ratings | RightPet

Cold therapy, using ice packs, gel packs or chemical instant cold packs, can help to reduce inflammation and swelling from injury or exercise.

Cold causes a narrowing (vasoconstriction) of the blood vessels which supply blood to an injured area, which helps prevent swelling. Cold application is most effective in treating injuries when it is used before there is swelling.

Ice packs are made of a rubberized fabric, and can hold ice cubes and cold water.

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Ohuhu Hot Cold Ice Bag Pack 3 Pack 11' 9' 6'

$ 1199 ($0.15/Count) $11.99

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Relief Pak English Ice Cap Reusable Ice Bag, 11" D...

$ 610 ($0.15/Count) $9.00

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Corewill Ice Pack Bag Hot and Cold Reusable 3 coun...

$ 2999 ($0.15/Count) $29.99

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DMI Reusable Ice Bag, Large Ice Pack Bag, 11 Inche...

$ 904 ($0.15/Count) $11.88

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