Elevated Food and Water Bowls

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Treatment Type: Lifestyle Practices
Caregiver: Do it Yourself

Raised food and water bowls are commonly recommended for dogs and cats who have stiffness and mobility issues, such as arthritis in the back or neck.

Raising food and water bowls for other health conditions, like canine Bloat, is controversial, and they jury is out as to whether it has or has health benefits, or risks.

Food bowl elevating was once recommended as a preventive measure for Bloat (Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus), though recent studies now suggest it increases the risk for this condition.

A large 2000 study found that, "Factors significantly associated with an increased risk of GDV were increasing age, having a first-degree relative with a history of GDV, having a faster speed of eating, and having a raised feeding bowl."

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