Revolution etc. (selamectin)

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Treatment Type: Medications
Caregiver: Needs a Prescription from a Vet - then Do it Yourself

Products like Revolution etc. (selamectin) contain the topical anti-parasite drug selamectin. Revolution is a once a month, topical (spot-on) medication which is used to treat and prevent fleas, ear mites, ticks, heartworms, and sarcoptic mange in dogs.

Revolution etc. (selamectin) is sold in pipette applicators, which are available various sizes based on the dog's weight:

  • 0.25 ml (15 mg/tube), for dogs weighing up to 5 pounds
  • 0.25 ml (30 mg/tube), for dogs weighing from 5.1 to 10 pounds
  • 0.5 ml (60 mg/tube), for dogs of 10.1 to 20 pounds
  • 1 ml (120 mg/tube) for dogs of 20.1 to 40 pounds
  • 2 ml (240 mg/tube) for dogs weighing from 40.1 to 80 pounds.

For dogs, one pipette is administered behind the ears every 30 days.


Time after administration to kill fleas: for infested dogs or cats, Revolution takes longer (24-48 hrs) to approach 100% efficacy than some other products. On the other hand, it performs well in dogs and especially cats through Day 28.

Approved for: Dogs over 6 weeks, cats over 8 weeks

Also controls: heartworm disease, ear mites, sarcoptic mange, American dog tick

Comments: The effectiveness of all monthly flea products decreases toward the end of the month. Revolution is a bit slow to start working for a heavily infested pet, but its comparative effectiveness throughout the month makes it a good choice for cats and dogs for prevention of a flea infestation (which is what we should be aiming for in any case!)

By Jon Plant, DVM, DACVD
SkinVet® Clinic


Some International Veterinarian Reviews of Revolution etc. (selamectin)

Selamectin is effective against a number of gastrointestinal roundworms and external parasites such as fleas, lice, mites (Sarcoptes, Otodectes, Notoedres) and a few tick species. Besides, it works in the prevention of heartworm disease.
After topical application, selamectin has high affinity for sebaceous glands and skin. Do not bath your dog 48 hours before or 48 hours after the application because the product's effectiveness decreases.