Frontline Plus etc. (fipronil/s-methoprene)

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Treatment Type: Antiparasitics
Caregiver: Do it Yourself
Frontline Plus etc. (fipronil/s-methoprene) | Cat Owner Ratings | RightPet

Topical flea and tick formulas like Frontline Plus etc. (fipronil/s-methoprene) kill adult fleas and ticks with an insecticide, and also kill flea eggs and larvae with an insect growth regulator drug.

Frontline Plus drops are applied to the nape of the cat's neck (just above the shoulders), and provide protection for one month.


Some International Frontline Plus Reviews for Cats

Effective and Easy

Frontline plus is available almost anywhere that has pet supplies. It's an effective, easy to use option for keeping fleas and ticks away. If your pet is wiggly, just have someone else help to hold them still so that you can put it in the right place. Always be careful when petting a cat after giving them the medication, because you shouldn't touch it.

By Joybeth


Some cats need it every month, but the protection should last up to 3 months. Generally, it depends on the cat, the environment. When I have an invasion I suggest using it more frequent, for example, every 1-2 months. Especially, if the cat goes outside -every month, because of higher concentration of the active ingredients that has to work for ticks too.

By Katarzyna Karczewska DVM

Depends on many factors

The frontline anti-flea treatment smells a bit chemical, what I normally stand against. However, using Frontline is a good treatment to get rid of the fleas. When applying a bit of frontline between the shoulderblades of my cats, they really freak out because of the smell, and probably because of the wet feeling as well, which makes it harder to use. This can, ofcourse, differ per cat. One of my cats, which has long hair, needs treatment multiple times a year, while the others are fine with getting just one treatment a year. Overall, it is a good, helpfull therapy.

By faloesy

Good protection

I first started using this product when I got a long hair cat with a resilient infestation. Because the infestation was so bad, it took several applications (once a month) to get rid of all the fleas, but since then the protection has been excellent and now we can treat our cats once every three months or so. Overall, I am happy with the product and definitely recommend it.

By EvelinaP
United Kingdom

No Longer Works

When Frontline was first released it was a highly effective flea control but fleas have evolved. Nowadays, most fleas, especially in high-flea population areas are resistant to the active ingredients in Frontline. It no longer works. The flea population may be reduced but the product will not get rid of all of the fleas or keep them from infesting your feline every time the animal goes outdoors.

When I first moved to Florida, I tried Frontline on my cats but it did nothing to control the fleas. In order to maintain effective flea control, you must use oral flea medications. Topicals no longer work.

By KimberlySharpe
Ocala, Florida, United States

There are better options for cat fleas than Frontline

Frontline is no longer the best option for fighting fleas. Fleas have adapted and Frontline is no longer as effective as it used to be. It will help if it is the only option but there are much better options available now.

By Mia B
Stow, Ohio, United States

Tick defense

We have a lot of ticks in our region. Frontline plus seems to be the most effective for preventing and killing ticks. I'm not completely confident in how safe it is for the animals - I tend to prefer more natural products, but with as bad as the ticks can be in our area, this is sometimes a compromise I'm willing to make. Putting the drops on between the shoulders can be a little challenging and is sometimes a 2-person job.

By Stephanie Marie
Cashmere, Washington, United States

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