Advantage II etc. (imidacloprid/pyriproxyfen)

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Treatment Type: Antiparasitics
Caregiver: Do it Yourself
Advantage II etc. (imidacloprid/pyriproxyfen) | Cat Owner Ratings | RightPet

Products like Advantage II etc. (imidacloprid/pyriproxyfen) combine an insecticide (imidacloprid) and an insect growth regulator chemical (pyriproxyfen) to kill all fleas (adult fleas, flea larvae, flea eggs) on the animal.

Advantage II is applied with a squeezable applicator to a single area at the nape of the neck between the dog's shoulder blades. Liquid drops for fleas are waterproof and effective for one month.


Some International Advantage II Reviews for Cats

Works Well

A monthly spot-on solution after bathing like this one works wery well to control fleas in combination with a product for the environment, especially when referring to indoor cats. Fleas are tenacious and sometimes require drastic actions: you should treat all the pets at home, not only the one that goes outside or has the parasites.

By L Perez

Advantage II is Easy to Use

I have been using Advantage for all of my pets for years now. The treatment is easy to use, you simply apply the liquid to the back of the neck of your pet. It is highly effective and works within hours of application. Regular monthly use keeps my pets free from fleas all the time. My pets have never experienced any side effects from this treatment. The only downside is that it smells strong, but this fades a few hours after application.

By Kirmarg

Currently using Advantage ll

I like Advantage ll because it seems to be more effective than the other spot on flea prevention on the market. I had been using a brand a tiny bit cheaper than Frontline, which is comparable to Frontline. I then switched to Advantage ll because of disappointing results. I also have used the Adams brand, which appears to be as effective as the Frontline substitute. This causes me to consider rotating these flea preventions and not rely on the same brand/same formula all the time. It would make sense for the fleas, ticks and whatever to develop an immunity to whatever formula is used over time.

By horsewoman


Works well. Used in many patients, well tolerated. The application is easy and comfortable for the cat. Kills adult fleas in 24 hours. Good for prevention too. In Poland more expensive than most fipronil-based products. I think the same effect.

By Katarzyna Karczewska DVM

Good product

For the price point, this is a good flea preventative and one I use in my rotation of flea prevention products. It is easy to apply and seems to offer fast relief and lasts about a month on my cats. I seldom ever see any evidence of fleas on them or in the house when I use it.

By DRCase
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

Won't use Advantage II Again

I used this product on my cat for a few months with great success, but the last time I used it, she had a bad reaction. When my cat took her final dose of this (as a spot treatment applied to the back of the neck), it caused her skin to become inflamed. I rinsed the treatment off of her, but her skin stayed irritated for quite some time. The veterinarian prescribed us a different flea preventive since my cat had a bad reaction to this formula. I'm not sure if we got a bad dose, but I will not be using this on my cat again.

By Aphebus
San Diego, California, United States

Advantage II no longer effective in Florida

When Advantage first came out it was highly effective against fleas but they have started to adapt. Now it is not an effective control method in areas such as Florida where the flea population is extremely bad.

Although it does control some of the fleas, it does not rid your dog of all of the fleas. They can easily be carried back indoors where they will breed and create a population within your home. I ceased using Advantage because it is ineffective.

By KimberlySharpe
Ocala, Florida, United States

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