Fly Predators

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Treatment Type: Lifestyle products
Caregiver: Do it Yourself

Fly predators are very small, stingless parasitic wasps which can be purchased to reduce the number of flies which live on horse and other livestock and poultry manure.

Fly predators are nocturnal, and live their entire life cycles on or near manure, and do not become pests themselves. Fly predators are considered to be a biologic fly control method, and reduce flies by laying eggs in the fly pupa. After hatching, the parasitic wasps eat, and kill, the fly pupa.

Fly predators can be effective for house flies and horse flies. Fly Predators are not effective for bot flies.

The recommended strategy for a successful fly predator program involves:

  • Releasing small amounts of parasites weekly, every other week, or monthly rather than in one large release
  • Introducing fly predators in the spring, before pest fly populations are large
  • Purchasing adequate numbers of parasitic wasps, based on the size of the livestock animal, for example 500 wasps per horse or cow, and 250 each for medium-size livestock like goats and sheep

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