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Earthworms | Frog Owner Ratings | RightPet

Earthworms such as the Nightcrawler (Lumbricus terrestris) and the Red Wiggler (Eisenia fetida) are protein-rich foods for fish, amphibians and aquatic reptiles.

Earthworms are available as a live food, as sinking pellets, as flakes, and as freeze-dried.

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Ultra Clear Earthworm Flake 1.25 oz

$ 400 ($0.15/Count) $4.00

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S&B Earthworm & Blackworm Sticks, Great for Carniv...

$ 1199 ($0.15/Count) $11.99

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Freeze Dried Earthworms - Perfect for Large Tropic...

$ 995 ($0.15/Count) $9.95

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Zoo Med Laboratories AZMASE1 Earthworm Sinking Foo...

$ 789 ($0.15/Count) $7.89

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