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My dads fish called Bruno


United Kingdom

Posted Jul 04, 2014

My dad used to breed angelfish, even since I can remember. He was doing it years before I was even born. When I was born I used to love sitting in front of the tank and just watch the fish. Apparently I spent hours upon hours just sitting there and presented quite a fuss when my mum tried to move me away for whatever reason.

As years went on I slowly got interested in the breeding of these angelfish so I watched and listened to what my dad was doing and took it all on board. Eventually my dad bought me my own tank and put a few silver angelfish in it and told me that this was my tank and my responsibility. My first thought was fear, I didnt really know what I was doing. After a while I had come to terms and decided that I was going to give this my best shot.

Fortunately angelfish are not that difficult to look after so I got by just fine. The only real obstacle that I encountered was when it came time to breed these angelfish. It is very difficult to determine the sex of each fish, especially for a novice like I was at the time. The second hurdle is that the parents tend to want to eat the eggs before they are hatched, so you need to rescue them and put them in a seperate tank away from the parents otherwise you risk the parents eating all the young.

Apart from these hurdles that I encountered looking after these angelfish was not a difficult task and I learnt a lot about angelfish and just looking after pets in general.

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