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Posted Jul 29, 2014

I had seamonkeys when I was really young and I don't remember much of them so when I was 13 I got some ordered through the mail on ebay. I hatched them successfully and I was sooo excited about having them. The instructions that came with the package was very easy to follow and they lived for about 4 months until I lost the lid of their tank, and because of this a lot of dust and cat hair (I had a LOT of cats at home) got into the tank and eventually they died because of all these unwanted things in the water.

About a month ago I decided to try again and I ordered another package online. They didn't hatch on the day I was supposed to put the eggs in, even though the package says instant life! but I did see them the next day as very small triangles swimming in the water.(And yes, they do in fact double their size in 24 hours for the first 3-4 days) when they were 5 days old I was supposed to put a small amount of growth food in there and YES they did noticeably grow much greater in size in just one day. Absolutely incredible to observe.

They last a long time and after a few weeks I notice that they start breeding and thus completing the cycle of life.
The food is meant to last for a year because you only feed them small amounts once every week and after the food is finished I was told that the water in the tank will be old enough to produce its own algae which the seamonkeys can eat so really after the food packet finishes the tank itself will just be a small ecosystem which is pretty amazing.

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