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The magical swimming dragon that wanted to fly!


North Carolina, United States

Posted Oct 22, 2014

I curiously gazed into the algae covered display tank of my local pet store, forehead pressed to the glass. I was examining what appeared to be some type of olive green freshwater eel. Its body resembled a snake but its head had the prehistoric look of a dinosaur. Tiny whiskers protruded from its nose mimicking the look of a Chinese dragon. Being the naive young man that I was, I purchased the little guy 5 minutes after first seeing him. How could I resist? He was the most awesome fish I’d ever seen at that point in my life! Beyond reading the very brief description on the “For Sale” sign about what to feed him, I knew nothing of the requirements of this animal.
My new friend and I arrived home and he was placed into an empty 10 gallon tank I hadn’t used in years. He was very active and I spent the rest of my evening watching him slither and glide around the tank with the speed and grace of a mystical beast. I couldn’t wait to show him off to my family and friends! I tossed in a few pieces of food and watched as he pecked at them. This was an amazing, magical pet and it would live a long, satisfying life with me. I went to sleep that night very satisfied with my purchase, slowly drifting away into a dream world full of flying dragons and mystical beings.
As the morning sunlight swept across my face, I awoke from my deep slumber. I slowly pulled myself out of bed and groggily stumbled towards the bathroom, passing the tank on my way there. “Good morning lit… Wait. What?” I hastily wiped the sleep from my eyes, bent over and thumped my forehead to the glass. My eyes darted from side to side scanning every inch of the tank. “Am I still dreaming?” I stood back up puzzled. “That doesn’t make any sense! Where could it possibly b…” and then it hit me. I stepped back and looked around the base of the aquarium. On the floor, completely dried out, was my ropefish. My small 10 gallon tank was too short and he’d apparently crawled out of the top and fell onto my wooden floors.
I enjoyed only a few hours with my ropefish before he met his demise. If you are considering this fish, I do highly recommend it. Mine seemed very hardy, active and was certainly entertaining. But make sure you have either a lid or a good space between the water line and top of your tank. I shouldn’t have purchased this animal so quickly because I had no knowledge of the needs and requirements. Make sure to do adequate research before attaining any animals.

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