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If it fits in my mouth I will eat it


Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Posted Feb 13, 2013

Like the title says the rope fish will eat just about anything that it can fit into its mouth, they are carnivores and will eat smaller fish so if you have an aquarium full of tetras this is not the fish for you. They also need to have meat in their diet, this can be prawns, bloodworm and even beef! They are stunning fish, they look like very primitive fish and can actually walk on land and survive on land for a short time if the air is humid enough. They half walk half slither using their adapted pectoral fins. If the water level is high enough and their is an opportunity they may well jump out of the water and slither around, believe me it is not fun playing 'hunt the rope fish'. They enjoy living with other rope fish and docile larger fish can also be compatible, plecos and mollies will generally be fine sharing a tank with them. Breeding in your aquarium is not very likely unless you put a lot of effort in. Just like most tropical fish they require their water to be kept clean and at the right temperature (~80 degrees Fahrenheit) but this is easy to do with a submersible thermostat controlled heater (cheaply available at most pet stores) and a 60-80% water change about once a week. A water filter is also necessary with tropical fish but again they are relatively cheap to buy and run and are quite quiet once you get used to them. Rope fish will swim around quite a lot and mine used to come and gently nibble on my fingers when I put my hand in the tank. They are a good pet for children and adults alike but aren't exactly of the cuddly nature. They are very relaxing to watch and look almost like snakes.

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