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A Beautiful but Anxious Fish


Stafford, Virginia, United States

Posted Jan 12, 2017

Regal Tangs became wildly popular in 2003, after the release of Finding Nemo, but their popularity skyrocketed in 2016 after Finding Dory was released. Consequently, parents who had never owned saltwater fish purchased Regal Tangs for their children, resulting in improper care of these fish. Regal Tangs are absolutely beautiful and majestic fish, but they are unquestionably not for first time fish owners. These fish require careful attention, as Tangs in generally are anxious and unsociable because of their skittish behavior. Children are not the best owners of Tangs as they often get too close to the tank or tap on the glass, frightening the already shy and nervous fish. Additionally, Regal Tangs require large tanks—tanks much larger than most would imagine. Juvenile Tangs can live in tanks that are at least 50 gallons, but full-grown Tangs reach up to 12 inches and can only thrive in 80-100 gallon tanks. Regal Tangs are relatively easy to feed and eat typical saltwater fish food as well as algae and seaweed.

Overall, these are calm, non-aggressive fish and do best with other fish of their nature—non-predators. Tangs thrive in groups of three, which is yet another reason they require large tanks. Additionally, Regal Tangs need ample room to swim, as they are extremely active fish. Without the ability to swim or if they become too anxious, Tangs can easily develop a condition called ich where they will cultivate white spots all over their body from temperature and environment changes. If ich is developed, fish should be quarantined immediately, to prevent spreading, and they must be given copper, UV sanitation treatment, or diatom filters to treat the condition. They also need an ample amount of rocks for hiding or they will feel unsafe and can become sick. Because of the expert care required to keep a Regal Tang happy and healthy, it is best to not purchase one if you are a beginner. If you are an experienced saltwater fish owner with a well established tank of at least one year, a Regal Tang would be the perfect addition to your tank. The pop of bright blue and yellow is gorgeous and compliments any compatible aquarium beautifully.

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