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Posted Jun 28, 2013

The Red-Tailed Shark (Although it is technically a Catfish) in my experience is a very interesting shark, and well worth owning. That is if you don't mind your other fish being chased about the tank, and even possibly biting a hole in the tail of another fish.

What you must understand about the Red-Tailed Shark is simply that it thinks of itself as the king of the tank, and it does it's best to back up that thought. If you get a Red-Tailed Shark then you should expect to see it chasing other fish about the tank, and especially fish smaller then itself. Normally it will not harm the other fish, just let them know who is boss. Which as an owner can actually be very entertaining to watch!

In terms of appearance the Red-Tailed Shark is a very beautiful fish, with a sleek black body, and of course a red tail, it's main unsightly feature is it's whiskers, which takeaway somewhat of it's beauty, yet in a way add to it's power.

They are very easy to maintain, and will just eat normal fish food along with all of your other fish, in fact I have even noticed them eat algae off of my tank, which means they help maintain the tank!

Because of their "King Of The Tank" attitude it is a very bad idea to buy multiple of the same breed for the same tank, simply because they will fight, and possibly kill each other. Also check with your pet store owner, or other fish expert as to which fish are compatible with the Red Tail.

In the end I would highly recommend this fish, simply for the enjoyment of it's beauty, it's high levels of activity, it's entertainment value if you don't mind watching it chase your other fish, and it's ease of maintenance. But before you buy one I would highly recommend that you consult a pet store owner or other fish expert as to whether it will be compatible with your other fish.

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