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Posted Jul 03, 2013

I currently have four platies two of which accidentally bred myself. They are a nice addition to my tropical tank, don't bother the other fish, and are fun to sit and watch!

Appearance: Small and fish like, they come in a large variety of colors. I had originally a blue platy female, a Mickey Mouse platy male, and a red platy female. The Mickey Mouse and Blue platy bred and I now have another blue looking platy with reddish undertones and a sunburst-looking platy.

Compatibility with own species: These fish do well with a small group, one male to two or three female ratio. Otherwise the male harasses the female too much.

Compatibility with other species: I've never had a problem with these fish harassing other fish. Rather, I've had an algae eater that picked on my platies.

Easy to keep: Ridiculously easy. I've only had one of my original platies die (an intestinal issue) and they've even managed to breed and have two survivors, despite the fact that I never encouraged them to breed or did anything to keep the fry.

Activity level: They are pretty active fish. I have one that hides, two that semi-hide, and another that just loves to swim about and play in the bubble streams.

Visibility: There is only one platy I have that I can never find. The other platies are very visible, even when they think they are hiding, and they tend to follow at least one other platy around. If I had more, I think they would travel as a group.

Health/Vigor: Again, I'm not doing anything special to keep my fish alive aside from keeping conditions in the tank. Only one has died from the originals, and even the one fish I keep think will die as she looks like she has a plethora of problems keeps on kicking! Not only that, she is the most active of them all.

Interaction with owner: These guys are a bit of a scardy fish, and never come out to check me out, unless I open the food door.

Breeding: These fish breed even if you don't do anything about it. They are live breeders, and the fish are in danger of being eaten by even the mother. I figured it would keep the population down if I just left the fry to fed for themselves. Somehow, two survived and are reaching adulthood.

Easy to Acquire: They are incredibly common. And since some people have problems with overpopulation, you might even be able to find them on craigslist for adoption.

Low cost to own: Aside from tank, filter, heater, and substrate, they don't need too much care. I give them frozen food, and make sure they have places to hide if they need it.

They are bright and fun to watch. A great addition to any tank!

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