Leopard Pleco

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Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Posted Feb 13, 2013

A Pleco is a great addition to almost any tropical aquarium as it eats algae and is very docile. Plecos spend almost all of their time sucking algae off the tank walls and tank furniture. They are compatible with most other fish but some caution may be needed with very flat fish as they may try to clean them! They should not be kept with another pleco for a few reasons, mainly that they get quite big and will eat all of the algae in the tank but they can also be territorial towards other plecos. They don't need much care, they will need some vegetables and algae wafers to feed them as they grow, at first a well established tank should have plenty of algae to feed them. They don't interact much with their owners but they do take some of the hard work out of the cleaning of the tank (no more scrubbing algae off the glass!). They should be kept in at least a 100 gallon tank as they can get quite large although it is said that they wont outgrow their tank. My last one was at least 15 inches long (but it was in a 7ft*4ft*4ft tank). They mainly stay around the bottom and sides of the tank since they eat the algae. They are robust fish who will rarely succumb to disease and can live for a very long time, even when the water quality is poor it doesn't seem to affect them too much. That said with any tropical fish species it is important to keep the water clean (change it around once a week - only do a 60% change though) and to maintain the temperature of the water. Every aquarium I have ever owned has had a pleco, they are attractive and fun to watch.

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