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"Kirei" the Kohaku Koi


788546, Singapore

Posted Feb 02, 2015

As a kid growing up, I always thought my father was wasting his time toiling for hours on end building his pond, feeding the Koi. All fish, after all, are dumb, silly creatures confined to a small pool of water. They can’t interact with you, so what’s the fun in keeping fish?

Forward 20 years later. Just two weeks ago, I apologized to my father for thinking he was wasting his time. I now have my own Koi pond, and I worry about them when I leave the house. I think about them before I go to sleep at night. Yes, I am now a Koi lover.

There’s just something about these creatures I never knew before until I gave them a chance. Koi, as I have come to my senses and realize, are dogs of the water world. They can be extremely social and affectionate creatures. They even recognize sounds, people and even their names. One of the things I look forward to doing daily is feeding my koi by hand. They love it when I do that.

Koi are a commitment though. Keeping them can get quite hefty on your purse strings. They need good proper filtration, water quality and a large enough space to grow, just to name a few essentials. Needless to say, regular maintenance is a must for any home Koi pond. Though one of the many pleasures that Koi owners look forward to is during feeding time and watching their Koi feed, they are voracious eaters. Care must be taken to avoid succumbing to the temptation of overfeeding them. I would advise doing your research on Koi care and pond maintenance before diving into getting Koi.

Still, Koi are elegant and beautifully colored creatures. The way they glide effortlessly through the water, they just seem to instil peace and tranquility to anyone who looks at them. Oftentimes, I find myself drifting off and just staring at them. The benefits of keeping Koi are clear, they have a very calming effect on me, and I suspect most would agree if they took the time to appreciate Koi for what they really are.

These creatures with the right breeding can live very long lives. With the proper care and environment, some may even outlive the owner. But that only means a lifetime of joy if you ever decide to take the plunge and start a Koi pond.

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