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You will never find a more beautiful fish...


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Posted Mar 13, 2014

Kohaku koi is one of the many different varieties of koi fish. The name itself actually means "red and white" and their markings are incredibly beautiful. As with all koi, the environment that they are placed in (and how you take care of it,) is of paramount importance. There is absolutely nothing like owning a marine fish and if you have the opportunity, I cannot encourage it enough.

Before considering koi ownership, you must make sure that you can both afford and understand the needs that it comes with. The first being providing a proper habitat. I personally only own one fish but it is highly suggest you provide at least 100 gallons of water per fish. So if you have plans to get multiple koi, you must plan accordingly. Additionally, you must consider the regulator that you use as pH level is highly important for them. Make sure you ask the breeder for a very specific range. In my case, it's between 7-7.5 pH and I replace roughly 40% of the water every two weeks.

I cannot provide assistance on an outdoor habitat, however, I am planning on building my own pond in the near future. Once again, moving forward with that will provide difficulties and additions of its own to assure proper treatment.

Keep a close eye on the fish to make sure that it never looks sluggish or stationary. Koi are generally pretty active and it could indicate problems in pH balance or other chemical issues you will need to address.

Feeding koi is very easy and can be done with pellets that can be picked up at almost any pet store. You can assure your koi will live a long and healthy life (they can live up to forty years) if you provide them with higher protein pellets when they are younger.

If you are a fish lover or just want something beautiful to provide a little extra to your home, koi are a fantastic choice. Just be aware of the care that it requires and the specific needs you will have to attend to. Best of luck with your koi!

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