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Posted Feb 11, 2014

We have a very small ornamental pond in my backyard. When we had fish, we would put them in the pond every summer and winter them over in an aquarium. We had Koi first. They are easy to care for and very hearty. Additionally, they are easy to look at and easy to catch during the bi-annual move.
The pond was equipped with a waterfall for aeration and only required cleaning once a summer. Our fish must have enjoyed the pond because we would often find young Koi at the end of the summer.
The tank was much more of a burden. It was enormous because it had to contain the monstrous Koi. Cleaning occurred no less than twice a month. The water had to be siphoned out, the sides of the tank scrubbed, the filter rinsed, and carbon replaced. It was not something I ever looked forward to.
When friends would come over, they would admire our beautiful fish and their healthy environment. Some friends were full of so much admiration, that they gave us the fish that their children were neglecting. So, our tank ended up with some goldfish. All of the fish got along. We did not have and fishy homicides.
The goldfish grew to be as big as the Koi and eventually interbred. One fall, we ended up with a few Goldfish/Koi hybrids (imagine vibrant Koi colors with a long, flowing goldfish tail).
Eventually, the population of our fish declined and baby fish did not make fall appearances. My parents decided to half aquarium operations because it was too much work. When the last fish died, we packed up all of the equipment and sold it. The pond is still operational, but hosts frogs.

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