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Oscar the Grouch with a serious appetite for green!


North Carolina, United States

Posted Oct 28, 2014

I was an amateur reef enthusiast and my war with green hair algae had just begun. The stuff was growing all over my tank. I knew my water parameters were the culprit and I had already taken steps to tackle that. But I needed additional ground troops to help my snails and crabs destroy the immediate storm of growth. I had purchased a blue spotted sea hare who was a gigantic help during his short lived stay in my tank. However, he had a mishap with one of my power heads and was unfortunately taken out of commission.
This misfortune led me to conduct additional research on algae eating critters. Along this path, I discovered a curious little creature called the Jeweled Blenny. He’s a seemingly inactive fish who tends to sit completely motionless, perched on his two front fin-legs with a grumpy look on his face. To the average eye, he may blend in with the surrounding green and brown growths. But look closely and you'll notice the quick flick of his eyeball looking in a different direction.
This guy is very fast and when he moves… he moves. If comfortable in his environment, he will glide around and munch on mounds of green hair algae. My Blenny had a very hearty appetite and would spend most of his days biting down on chunks of algae and jerking his head around like a rabid dog, ripping pieces from the purple rock.
I never had any compatibility issues with this fish. He did well with both of my clownfish, my scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp, my crabs and my snails. He successfully tamed my green hair algae takeover, so when his food supplies started to diminish, I would supplement with algae wafers and he’d even eat meaty fish food sometimes. He wasn’t hard to please and very entertaining to watch. If you are considering one of these, I would highly recommend them. They’re easy to take care of and provide hours of enjoyment.

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