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Posted Mar 02, 2013

My husband and I built an above-ground Koi pond in our yard beside our deck. Late in the evenings when it was warm, through fall when it was almost too cold to stay out, we'd go sit in our chairs by the Koi pond and relax every evening after work. Watching the Koi was very peaceful. Very late at night on the weekends, we enjoyed sitting out by our Koi pond under the stars.

The pond was hard to keep clean. My husband spent a lot of money with different types of filtering systems, water plants, anything to keep the water clear. We had the best results with a combined system using a light filter and water filter.

On several different occasions throughout the 12 years we had the Koi pond, the summer weather got very hot and while we were away, the pump failed which caused the water to quit moving and heat up. The water literally became too hot and our fish died. Of course we were devastated, clean up the mess and go out to buy more fish and start over. When we would buy the Koi, they'd be small but in no time they became very big fish.

At times we'd put water plants in the pond that floated on top of the water as noted in the attached picture of the Koi. The fish could then nibble on their roots as the plants floated across the top of the water.

During the winter, the water would ice over, but the fish would be at the bottom of the pond and resurface in the spring.

The fish usually recognized us (or our habits) and all of them would swish to the top of the water as soon as they saw us because they knew they'd get some food.

We usually had at least 10 fish at any one time in a variety of colors. They would have babies and we'd be so excited to see the little ones swimming around.

Our pond attracted a LOT of HUGE bullfrogs. Cranes were bad about discovering our pond and standing in it eating our fish, and snakes also would come eat our fish. We bought plastic deer/bird fencing that we could see through and tacked it up along the sides of the pond, and it kept out the Cranes and snakes.

I no long live where the Koi pond was but I miss the Kio so much. I think about how peaceful they were. I have attached a picture of our Koi pond and another picture showing several Koi.

If you have the time and the money, Koi can be very enjoyable, but remember, they take a LOT of time and money.

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