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Aka Matsuba Koi


Georgia, United States

Posted Feb 24, 2013

I have already talked about why I recommend Koi for experts. I do believe anyone can learn to care for and own these lovely fish. It takes talking to the experts, learning the proper water care, and what to feed to keep the fish healthy.

One thing that is important is that the fish go into hibernation during the winter. They do not need nor should they be fed during this time. Koi can go for about 4 months without food if they have been properly fed through the spring summer and fall. Maintaining a winter pond also requires diligence. A Koi can die if the temperature drops 20 degrees suddenly. The waterfalls or water movers should be turned way down or off during winter, however the water should not be allowed to freeze over. There are donut looking items that float on a pond that inhibit freezing over and allows the poisonous gases to escape the pond. Some Koi move a bit in the winter, but most stay dormant. If there are days where the sun comes out for an extended period and the pond warms, the fish will start moving. Do not feed them their usual Koi food. They will go dormant again when the cooler weather hits. Instead, a supplement of Cheerios, or Wheat Germ will give them a little boost, without causing them to refrain from dormancy.

The AKA Matsuba Koi is a lovely fish and is seen at Koi shows a lot. One thing they are judged on is the even scale pattern over their back. Its interesting to watch a Koi show, and I would recommend a new hobbyist attend at least one show to see the proper color pattern, learn the different varieties and talk to the breeders that are raising the best of the best.

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