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Perils of Breeding Guppies


1095VZ, Netherlands

Posted Jun 29, 2016

Guppies breed like crazy. I received 3 male Guppies from my work colleague back in 2009, cause I was the only one feeding them regularly. Eventually, I bought 4 females extra, to breed them for fun.

I was blown away by the effect. Guppies don't stop breeding when limited by the size of the tank or level of food, not that I ever starved them. At one point, I had 7 generations of guppies and approx 50 fish of each gender.

Although, websites claim that females can give birth to 100+ fry, I only ever experienced up to 10 from a single female. Pregnant fish are extremely sensitive to high temperatures and take time to give birth. They also store male sperm for up to 6 months and you can find yourself having fry in your main tank months later.

My initial 3 male and 4 female Guppies lived to see the very old age, 5-6 years. Guppies live up to 3 years but can live longer in cool temperatures, and they feel fine in temps between 18-28 degrees Celsius. At the time, I didn't use a heater which could be the reason for their unique longevity.

The second round of breeding in 2015, saw the fish get less fry (1-3).
And unfortunately, some fry were born with weird vertebra problems (overly straight back or a back bent in the middle). They were also more susceptible to infections, especially the air bladder one, and not as resistant to hospital tank salt levels as normal Guppies should be.

I'm not sure if it was caused by inbreeding, tank conditions (so much improved since the 1st breeding), or the old age of the females, but I decided to quit my breeding endeavors.

Guppies are smart and interactive. They will see you pass by and go crazy asking for food. But after years and years of fighting various infections and seeing my lovely fish get ill and die, I think I'm ready to quit.

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